Sexual Impotency

Sexual Impotence Information

Sex forms a part of man’s basic needs like food, clothing and shelter. If one has to indulge in sexual activity, there arises a need for proper concentration. There must be a feeling of complete relaxation, only then one can enjoy and derive pleasure. It is not something to be carried out in haste and tension.

In today’s scenario, life has become so hectic and stressful. And it is owing to this fact that most people are so occupied in their work that they are not able to enjoy their sex life. Such persons often tend to suffer from sexual dysfunctions, the most common being impotence.

Sexual impotence information:

Impotence is of three kinds. The first form of impotence is associated with erectile dysfunction, in which the man is unable to attain erection. The second kind of impotence, which is the most common among men, is a condition in which the person generally is able to have erection, but at times, fails to do so. It can be due to different reasons like mental stress etc. The third form is related to advancing age.

Impotence, Erectile Dysfunction – CAUSE

Common Causes of Sexual Impotence:

· Diabetes

· Depression

· Alcoholism

· Tiredness

· Therapeutic use of oestrogen’s

· Paralysis of parasympathetic nerves by drugs

· In majority of cases psychological reasons are implicated.

· Vascular disease involving internal pudendal artery is thought to be one of the reasons for age related impotency.

· A nerve injury or spinal cord injury may result in impotence.

· Impotence may be an early symptom of diabetes mellitus, multiple sclerosis, tabes dorsalis etc.

Impotence, Erectile Dysfunction - SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS

· Inability to get an erection is usually the only complaint.

· In cases of penile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and spermatorrhoea may be found.

· Depression often accompanies impotence. Severe depression can lead to impotence and impotence can lead to depression. It works both ways.

Impotence, Erectile Dysfunction –


Homeopathy offers some very good medicines to treat this condition. But for proper treatment a homeopath must probe into the psychological reasons behind the condition. A detailed case history is necessary, including not only the sexual history, but also his general medical history, physical and mental characteristics etc. It is not easy give long term results if a homeopath is unable to make a judgment as to 'What went wrong?'. Also the 'when', 'where' and 'how' need to be answered too. Long with the medicine such patients often need psychological counselling, especially so, if there are marked depressive traits present. This counselling can be done by an experienced homeopath or by a trained psychologist.

The selection of medicine varies from case to case, and so do the results. But the food thing about homeopathic treatment is that you don't need to pop-a-pil every time you desire some action. Once you regain your ability to attain an erection, you usually get it for good.


Homoeopathic medicines have excellent medicines for all types of Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction. With out producing any side effect.

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